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What you never knew about your body

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A recent comment by my 85 year old grandfather inspired me to write this as an anecdote about performance.    He was a passenger in a car and saw my wife, Larysa, during one of her 5 mile runs and commented that she should really stop running so much.  When he was questioned why, he responded  “Well, what is the first thing you want to know when buying a used car? The mileage.”  Inferring that less mileage is better.  Immediately the light bulb goes off in my head on how I can use this as a teaching tool for my clients.  No machine operates like the human body.  They all break down, the longer and harder they are worked.  The human body is the only “machine” that performs better when worked harder and pushed longer.  The mileage we do earlier in life helps us to be more productive and live a fuller and longer in life.  It’s pretty amazing.

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